Temperature analysis for automotive beams

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Thermographic system for acquiring temperature profile in the process of beam hardening for vehicles. It is carried out by an induction furnace in which the beam is moving and simultaneously from outside thermographic images are acquired that are analyzed in real time by the system and sending the data to the furnace PLC for feedback.

February 2017


The system was developed to be integrated into an existing induction tempering system, it consisted of carrying out a Mechanical design to couple the thermographic camera avoiding that these was affected by the high temperatures that are reached inside the oven, on the other hand, Software development in LabVIEW for thermographic analysis according to the needs of this application.


The thermographic images obtained with the FLIR camera, provide to Analysis Software the necessary information for to carry out arithmetic calculations, process alarms, data recording, image sequence saving and sending results to the oven control PLC.



Check that the tempering process is carried out uniformly in the interest areas of the client, perform data recording in the database and image saving.


Develop customized thermographic analysis software, and integrate the necessary hardware into an existing machine without interfering with its functionality, achieving contactless, real-time and accurate measurements.

Sending the results of the thermographic analysis to the control PLC of the induction furnace is a fundamental part, so the choice of an industrial communication protocol between both systems is one of the keys of this project, managing to send and receive data in real time to Precise control of the tempering system.