Test bench, Logistics and Storage Control

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Final check station, which automatically checks the internal parameters of the product with its label and the network database before being placed in its final box. This equipment is equipped with an automatic gate to prevent unauthorized handling of the final product and ready for transfer to the warehouse.

August 2018


The equipment is developed to test VW Climatronic devices in the assembly line. Through CAN communication, Climatronic EEPROM parameters are read, and they are checked against the final label data and the product configuration file, provided by the manufacturer. If everything is correct, the cabin opens automatically so that the operator leaves the product in its storage box

Multidisciplinary project that involves mechanical, pneumatic, electrical and software design and construction, fully developed in LabVIEW. It integrates industrial digital I / O devices, a National Instruments CAN bus interface, and different peripherals: Keyence code reader, RFID card reader, security curtains, etc

The automatic gate mechanism has been designed in a wear-resistant manner to optimize maintenance interventions.


Improve the handling of the OK / NOK product from the moment it leaves the functional test station until it is stored in its final box before entering the plant’s warehouse


Provide a closed cabin, which opens automatically if the result of an automatic final test is positive, and remains closed without the permission of a supervisor.

Several units with different sizes and configurations have been manufactured from this type of machine, depending on the product version and the location on the assembly line in the production plant.