Automatic inspection for cucumber quality

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Quality system in the production of cucumbers for automatic classification at a speed of 6 pieces / second. It obtains the size and detects defects in shape, texture and color, and provides the results in real time to the PLC of the production line for classification.

April 2019


Machine vision software developed on LabVIEW for cucumber classification. The system measures length, diameter, curvature, malformation. In addition, it quantifies the superficial defects “stain” and “scourge”. The line operates at a rate of 6 cucumber cups per second, making the inspection time per image a maximum of 166ms.

The vision software communicates bidirectionally with the PLC that controls the cucumber classification line, receiving triggers for image acquisition and sending the data with the results.



Classify cucumbers according to their length, diameter, curvature, malformation, stain and scour. The sorting machine will operate at a maximum speed of 6 cups per second.


Artificial vision system developed in LabVIEW with two-way communication to the control PLC.