Smart cover for medicine bottle

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Smart cover specially designed to accommodate custom electronics with a sensor that detects each time the bottle is open or closed. It is integrated through an App that tells you when to take a medication and records the events on the mobile phone.

June 2019


It is a multidisciplinary project, which involves electronic, mechanical design, embedded system firmware and a specialty App.

The mechanical challenge is to integrate the necessary electronics (PCB, sensor and battery) in miniature and that adapts to existing medicine bottles.
The electronic and firmware challenge is both the integration of the sensor and Bluetooth communication, and that the whole set has a very low consumption to achieve adequate autonomy for the application.
The challenge on the part of the App lies in the communication with several Bluetooth covers at the same time.


Increase the effectiveness of medications by increasing adherence to treatments prescribed by specialists


Create a personal device, small in size and easy to use, to remind and record the taking of medications.

It integrates a Cypress Bluetooth 4.2 microcontroller, a force sensor and a LiPo battery in a very small size with high autonomy.

With this device, patients are helped to increase adherence to treatment and to doctors to be able to monitor the application of medications in situations where supervision is important for the healing of the patient.