Automatic inspection of door panels

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Artificial vision system for quality control in production line. It detects defects in different elements of the window regulator system (elevator) in the last stage of assembly of vehicle door panels.

June 2019


Several similar projects have been carried out, which we include only in this case study. All with the same purpose: to perform an automatic inspection of vehicle door panels using artificial vision.

The inspection consists of detecting the presence / absence of certain elements of the panels, such as bearings, bayonets, etc., and also the correct placement of others, such as skids and traction cables of the window regulator system (window lifters).

The system consists of a National Instrument Industrial Controller (with a Linux Real-Time system that offers robustness and reliability in a very small size), several Gigabit Ethernet area scan cameras and self-developed linear illuminations, which offer an intensity of excellent light and color temperature, in a very robust and easy to install industrial format.



Reduce inspection times and increase the effectiveness of the test by replacing the manual process with an automatic system that performs the checks without contact and without interfering with the assembly process of the production line.


Implement an artificial vision system for taking and processing images, which without contact and quickly, perform automatic inspections without interfering with the process.

The system is connected to the equipment of the assembly line and communicates with the PLC via modbus to update the recipe and give the results of each test.