RGB Lighting Controller

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24Vdc driver with 5 Amp per channel to control multicolored illuminations of the type ALT BL-RGB1, for machine vision systems. It incorporates an interface of physical signals to work with any PLC or PC with analog and digital output modules.

October 2015


Developed for laboratory tests in machine vision in order to illuminate objects of different materials and textures with multitude colors.

Industrial controller for illuminations that work with PWM signals in each color channel, providing up to 5A per channel.

Industrial design for 24Vdc power supply and DIN rail accessory box.

It includes 24Vdc isolated digital inputs for color selection and a 0-10V analog input to select the light intensity, in addition to a high-speed trigger / trigger input.


To Illuminate objects in a machine vision system in a automation way with a source and to avoid the use of multiples illumination source with individual colors.


Customized lighting development with RGB LEDs and a driver that can be controlled from any PLC or PC with data acquisition cards for the automation of the tests

Although it has been specially developed for LED bars for artificial vision, it has many other applications with third-party lighting systems.