Automatic Test

Solutions in measurement, control and functional test systems

The instrumentation is based on the use of measurement systems, data acquisition and automation, to evaluate and control the variables of the production process. In this way the quality in the industry increases, generating better results with the greatest possible optimization of resources.

Among the equipment destined to these tasks we can find data acquisition devices (DAQ), different sensors and actuators, supervisory software and production process control (SCADA), engineering software development platforms (LabVIEW) and customized mechanical supports, that allow to generate a complex structure to automate a process and guarantee the repeatability of the measures.

In this area we offer the guarantee of belonging to the National Instruments Alliance Partner group, being certified as developers on their LabVIEW platform.

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Integral service

We take care of the development, installation and star up. We get involved in the entire product life cycle, from conception to post-sale

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Full Design

We cover the areas necessary to deliver a complete product: software, electronics, instrumentation and mechanics.

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We adhere faithfully to the needs and requirements of the client, advising in detail of the possible solutions.

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Versatility and Flexibility

We use the most appropriate technology for each application

Measurement and data acquisition

Integration of data acquisition devices on different platforms such as PXI, PCI, cDAQ, cRIO, USB and Ethernet with all types of sensors and actuators, as well as protocols, for example MODBUS.

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Automation machinery

We can design and customize machinery to automate any manufacturing process, either for the optimization of existing lines or the implementation of new ones.

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Automatic functional test equipment (ATE)

We design and build complete test equipment through modular hardware and flexible software, in addition to creating custom fixtures.

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