Integral solutions in electronics

We are specialists in every aspect of the development of an electronic device, from initial conception and consulting, until the complete product is ready to leave the factory.

We understand that each project is unique, and we seek to meet all customer needs, whether new designs, industrialization, certifications or manufacturing, offering a turnkey service or collaboration with the client’s own human teams

We carry out research and development, electronic card design, embedded software development, prototype construction, and housing design and construction. And we can also handle additional processes:

  • Manufacturing management with national strategic allies.
  • Test management and regulatory compliance.
  • Development and construction of automatic functional test equipment (ATE) for quality control of electronic manufacturing. (See products and services)
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Full Design

We cover the areas necessary to deliver a complete product.

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Integral service

We get involved in all phases of the product life cycle. From conception to post-sales.

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We adhere faithfully to the needs and requirements of the client, advising in detail of the possible solutions.

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Versatility and Flexibility

We use the most appropriate technology for each application

Investigation and development

Modern market demands lead us to implement devices with a wide range of microcontrollers, wired or wireless communication protocols such as USB, Etherrnet, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZibBee, etc. or the integration of different peripherals such as accelerometers, biomedical sensors, gas or motion detectors, etc.

Embedded systems are found in almost all types of products and have become fundamental in many applications, thanks to their versatility, size and cost. They are found in appliances, medical equipment and cars, among others.

We offer:

  • Product Consulting
  • Investigation.
  • Electronic development and embedded software.
  • Mechanical development of housings.
  • Prototype construction.
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The correct industrialization guarantees the optimal manufacture of electronic equipment at adequate costs and times. It consists both in the design or redesign of a product from the point of view of its construction, as in that of its adequate manufacturing processes.

We offer:

  • CAD design: schematic and layout of the PCB.
  • Improvement of systems to improve its operation: reliability, energy consumption, heating, mechanical improvements, etc
  • Improvement of systems for better manufacturing and testing.
  • Replica cards, even if they are little or nothing documented.
  • Selection of new components by obsolescence, price or availability.
  • Regulatory compliance improvements
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Mass Manufacturing Consulting

For large volumes we have strategic alliances with PCB manufacturing plants and national assemblies. We take care of managing everything and supervision in all phases to achieve a final quality electronic produc

We take care of:

  • Development and preparation of all necessary documentation.
  • Search, adaptation and validation of components.
  • Supervision and monitoring of factory works.
  • Conception and construction of automatic test equipment (ATE).
  • Approval of the final result.
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