Test bench for Climatronic VW

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Automatic off-line electrical testing station and software configuration. Developed in LabVIEW on the PXI platform and under CAN protocol. It integrates several data acquisition equipment and a custom designed conditioning card for switching and loads.

December 2018


The integral design of this station was carried out by a team of multidisciplinary engineers and consisted of the mechanical design of the frame, the electronic development of the conditioning card, the development of software in LabVIEW, the electrical design of the whole set, and all the montage.

Different equipment was integrated as a Keyence programmable source, MOXA ioLogik industrial I/O devices by Modbus and Keysight 34980A multifunction measuring and switching equipment on a National Instruments PXI platform with DAQ cards and CAN bus.



Segregate the electrical test from the existing test bench to improve the cycle time.


Develop an off-line bench for manual loading but automatic test sequence.

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The mechanical frame consists of a fixture tailored to the part to be tested, which is a VW Climatronic and includes pneumatic devices for the automatic connection of all test probes and the clamping of the part during the test.