Thermography solutions

Through the use of thermographic cameras we can obtain temperature measurements accurately and quickly without contact.

We integrate complete thermography systems, whether for automatic detection of defects in products ( See machine vision ), predictive maintenance, early detection of operating faults in machines and electrical networks, object analysis or temperature monitoring in any type of process and automation in general in those operations in which the thermal radiation of the objects can help us.

These systems can be autonomous or using a computer with a custom developed software to perform the necessary analysis and control in each application. Moreover we combine these systems with external instrumentation and other measuring equipment that are involved in their processes.

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Integral service

We take care of the design, installation and start up

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New approach when measuring temperatures and analyzing objects according to their radiation.

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Accurancy and quality

Analysis and control of proccess.

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Integration and communication with existing devices and databases.

Temperature monitoring

Control of temperatures in many processes is an important factor to guarantee the result, ensuring the correct functioning of the machinery or work stations.

A monitoring system is indispensable in these situations, where the automatic study of temperature trends helps us to take appropriate actions.


The thermography in the production and quality processes is based on a non-invasive and non-destructive system capable of adapting to the production speeds, which works in real time and is capable of traceability defects. It helps validation and increase the quality and performance of products or materials, adding a considerable competitive advantage.

In this aspect two types of application can be given depending on what interests us, if is an analysis of the temperature of the object or any of its characteristics:


It is used in many applications where the study of temperature change over time is useful in the manufacture of an object.


In many cases the temperature measurement is not important, however, by analyzing the heat of different parts of the objects under inspection we can extract important characteristics. (See machine vision)

In the following example, the thickness of the adhesive applied to a piece was studied automatically

Predictive maintenance

An inspection system with thermographic cameras is one of the most valuable diagnostic tools in electromechanical installations, which allows detecting anomalies that are usually invisible to the human eye, discovering hot spots that help determine where and when maintenance is needed and avoid the consequences of a breakdown.


Al igual que la termografía se ha vuelto una tecnología clave en aplicaciones industriales, cada día se encuentran nuevas formas de aplicarla en los campos de la investigación, por ejemplo en la medicina, donde una de nuestras últimas colaboraciones ha resultado en la utilización de cámaras termográficas para la detección temprana de cáncer de mama. Este es sólo uno de los múltiples ejemplos que demuestran la infinidad de usos que puede tener, como laboratorios, elaboración de materiales, agricultura, construcción, etc.