Machine Vision

Machine vision solutions: detection and measurement without contact.

Machine vision solutions: detection and measurement without contact. Information of an object under inspection can be obtained without contact through the use of special cameras together with specific lighting systems and the appropriate techniques of image acquisition and processing to determine characteristics, dimensions, shapes, colors, orientation, spatial situation, etc.

We integrate complete systems of artificial vision, whether for automatic detection of defects in products, object analysis, metrology and dimensional control, code reading and automation in general. These are some benefits of using this type of technology:

  • Automatizar tareas repetitivas de inspección realizadas por operadores y reducir costes.
  • Perform product quality controls that cannot be verified by traditional methods, or to obtain greater accuracy.
  • Perform measurements of objects without physical contact.

Moreover, we combine these systems with external instrumentation and other measuring equipment that are involved in their processes.

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Automated inspection

Analysis of defects and characteristics of parts in the manufacturing process without physical contact

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Quality improvement

Control of process variability and product defects.

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Integral Service

We take care of the design, installation and start up.

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We adhere faithfully to the needs and requirements of the client, advising in detail of the possible solutions.

Techniques according to the application

Machine vision techniques can be applied in countless cases, such as: Automatic defect detection. Color and forms identification. Metrology and dimensional control. Code reading.

a) 2D Visible.

There are several applications for the technique in visible 2D spectrum, where the camera obtains a flat image of the object, part or surface to be inspected.
The 2D technique allows to identify a piece or object, among others, the presence or absence of a characteristic, the total or partial dimensional measurement, detection of imperfections, breaks, dents, impurities, perform texture analysis, inspection of welds, and reading of labels and codes.

b) Infrared.

Same techniques as 2D visible but the information of a pixel is temperature instead of a color or grayscale intensity.

c) 3D.

We integrate 3D sensors that combine camera and laser into a single device (3D triangulation technique), which reduces time and complexity of the development of the entire system. With this type of sensors a cloud of 3D points of the scanned object is obtained that by processing and analyzing it, defects can be detected or a dimensional analysis of parts can be performed.

Aplication sectors

Our systems can be applied to any process witch involve a visual control.

Machine vision is present in any industrial sector:

  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Pharmacist
  • Agricultural
  • Building
  • Railway
  • Paper
  • Food industry
  • Drinks
  • Aeronautical
  • Graphic Arts
  • Plastic
  • Textil
  • Wood and cork