Bluetooth oximeter with TENS function

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Wearable for measurement and recording of heart rate and blood oxygen saturation. Alarm levels, configuration and data logging through your app.

June 2017


There are oximeters in the market oriented to take measurements on specific occasions. Situations in which a doctor needs to know the blood oxygen saturation and heart rate at a specific time. However, this oximeter is focused on improving sleep apnea and is used as a wearable, to wear it for several hours.


It is equipped with a memory that records all measurements and transfers them to the mobile phone via Bluetooth for later reference. In addition, it is able to provide an electrical stimulus to the skin through its electrodes when an oxygenation or pulse situation is detected out of bounds.



To help reduce sleep apnea problems. On the date when this project began, there were already other medical devices for this purpose in the market, however, of an invasive nature. A new concept, convenient to use and without the need that a surgery was needed


Use of a blood oxygen and cardiac pulse saturation sensor and a high voltage electrical stimulus in the same wearable device

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Among its features, in addition to its small size (electronics of only 31x25mm), it has a 110mAh LiPo battery that gives it a range of up to 8 hours, USB charging, LED status indicator and communication with mobile phones. The App provides a patient database and measurement records and various device configuration options.